Christie Chirinos is a songwriter and artist in Richmond, Virginia.

Christie Chirinos is a singer-songwriter originally from Lima, Peru, now based in Richmond, Virginia.

Christie’s music dives deep into the emotional waters of dramatic pop, exploring themes of longing, internal struggles, and the pursuit of meaning. Drawing inspiration from Fiona Apple, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Kate Bush, her sound is a compelling blend of vulnerability and strength.

In 2022, Christie unveiled her full-length album, “Worlds,” a testament to her solo artistry. Prior to the album release, she released two singles: the electronic intensity of “Empathy,” a collaboration with Montreal producer Omnwav, and the anthemic “Example,” a collaboration with Richmond producer Joatss.

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Recognition has followed her songwriting dedication, with awards at the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for two years in a row, including the prestigious Director’s Award. Beyond her musical achievements, Christie shares and hones her craft by hosting a monthly songwriting workshop in collaboration with the Songwriters’ Association of Washington, fostering a community of writers and musicians.

Immerse yourself in Christie’s music. You’ll discover a genuine connection between her lyrics and the human experience. Christie is an artist whose work goes beyond melodies, creating a space where every song is a chapter in a relatable journey. Stay tuned, as there’s more to come from this insightful and talented musician.

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