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The Best Coworking Furniture IKEA Has To Offer

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Coworking spaces are more than just places to work; they’re hubs of creativity, collaboration, and community. Whether you’re setting up a whole coworking area or just renting a small office within one, IKEA products are a practical choice. First, its cost-effectiveness makes it feasible to furnish a workspace without excessive expense. IKEA products are widely available and easy to purchase in large quantities, which is beneficial for outfitting entire coworking environments. Additionally, many of IKEA’s offerings focus on sustainability, using renewable materials to reduce environmental impact. For these reasons, I think IKEA furniture is a good choice for a coworking setup that is just starting out. Let’s dive into some top picks from IKEA’s website that will make your coworking space shine.

This article does NOT contain any affiliate links. Every product mentioned is a product I’ve researched on my own and receive no compensation from recommending.

First, What Is Coworking?

Coworking is a modern approach to the traditional office setup that caters to freelancers, startups, and remote workers by providing shared workspaces that encourage collaboration and networking. The concept of coworking originated in 2005 when Brad Neuberg opened the first official coworking space in San Francisco. Since then, the coworking movement has grown exponentially, with spaces now available in cities worldwide.

Coworking spaces offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Flexibility: Members can choose from various membership plans, ranging from daily passes to monthly subscriptions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Coworking spaces provide all the amenities of a traditional office without the high costs associated with leasing a private office.
  • Networking opportunities: These spaces foster a sense of community, allowing members to connect, collaborate, and share ideas.
  • Increased productivity: The professional environment and access to resources can boost productivity and creativity.

There are different types of coworking spaces to suit various needs, including:

  • Open-plan spaces: Large areas with multiple desks where members work alongside each other.
  • Private offices: Enclosed spaces within the coworking area that offer more privacy for individuals or teams.
  • Dedicated desks: Reserved desks in an open-plan area that are assigned to specific members.

Designing Any Productive Coworking Environment

It’s easy to think that your first purchase should involve desks and chairs. Don’t fall into this trap–what makes a great coworking space is in the details. Your members may come for the desk and chairs, but they’ll renew their memberships when you get the following factors right:

  • Ergonomics and comfort: Ensuring that furniture is ergonomically designed can significantly impact the well-being and productivity of members. In other words, don’t cheap out on the furniture. Adjustable chairs, sit/stand desks, and supportive seating options are essential.
  • Balancing open spaces with private areas: While open-plan areas foster collaboration, it’s important to provide private offices or quiet zones for focused work where sound and distractions are discouraged or outright forbidden.
  • High-speed internet and reliable tech infrastructure: It seems obvious, yet, I’ve worked at coworking spaces with unreliable internet. A stable and fast internet connection is a must for any coworking space.
  • Sufficient power outlets: Ensure there are enough power outlets to accommodate all members, including those in common areas and private offices.
  • Space for virtual/Zoom meetings: Provide dedicated rooms or booths where members can have virtual meetings without disturbing others. These spaces should be soundproof and offer privacy for sensitive information.
  • Adequate lighting: Good lighting can enhance productivity and mood. Use a combination of natural light, task lighting, and ambient lighting to create a bright and welcoming environment.
  • Storage solutions: Keep the space organized with ample storage options for members to store their belongings and for staff to manage supplies.

To this end, consider adding the following IKEA products to your cart first:

KOPPLA 6 Outlet Power Strips

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SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp

These pendant lamps will create a soft foundational light for your space. It’s better than the likely fluorescent LED lights the space will come with.

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BILLY Bookcase

A classic in IKEA’s lineup, the BILLY bookcase is ideal for keeping your office organized. It’s available in various sizes and colors, allowing you to customize it to fit your office decor perfectly.

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If you want to dig more into the foundational concepts, consider reading my article on coworking space interior design.

IKEA Coworking Furniture Essentials

With the foundations covered, let’s get to the desks and chairs. IKEA offers a range of furniture that is perfect for coworking spaces. These are my top picks for those:

BEKANT Desk System

The BEKANT series offers a range of desks that can be configured to suit any coworking environment. They come in various sizes and shapes, including sit/stand options to promote healthy working habits. Sit/stand desks are no longer just a trend, the science supports them. Plus, the sturdy construction and clean design make them a staple for any shared workspace. Neat rows of this desk will work for the hot desking area of a coworking space.

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LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair

Comfort is key when it comes to office chairs, and the LÅNGFJÄLL chair hits the right combination of comfort, color choices, cost, and availability to support large orders.

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If you’re reading and you think a different IKEA desk and chair combination is superior, I’d love to hear why in the comments.

IKEA Coworking Furniture for Common Areas

If a coworking space was only about the individual workspace, they would not have a taken off. Again, coworking space members may sign up to have a quiet place to work, but they’ll keep renewing their membership for other reasons. Alongside the details that create comfort comes the sense of community and collaboration. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in common areas is crucial for this. There are three categories of common area consideration:

  • Communal areas for networking and socializing: Designate areas where members can gather, network, and socialize. This can include lounge areas, communal tables, and coffee stations.
  • Amenities like coffee stations and snack bars: Providing amenities like coffee stations, snack bars, and kitchenettes can enhance the overall coworking experience and encourage informal interactions.
  • Comfortable lounge areas for relaxation: Ensure there are comfortable seating options like sofas and armchairs where members can relax, unwind, and have informal meetings.

Consider the following products to create the perfect common areas:


Every coworking space needs a comfortable area for relaxation and informal meetings. The FROSLOV sofas are both stylish and cozy, providing a perfect spot for a quick break or a casual chat. Their classic design and soft cushions make them a favorite for any communal area.

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RISOR Room Divider

Creating distinct zones within a coworking space can help manage noise levels and provide some privacy. The RISOR room divider is not only functional but also adds a touch of industrial chic to your space.

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MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges

Add some personality and inspiration to your coworking space with the MOSSLANDA picture ledges. These are perfect for displaying artwork or motivation quotes. They help create a dynamic and visually appealing environment that can spark creativity.

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RÅSKOG Utility Cart

The RÅSKOG utility cart is a versatile piece that can serve as extra storage for complimentary office supplies, decorations, or a coffee station.

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Furnishing Private Offices and Zoom Call Rooms

No coworking space is complete without private rooms. Whether these are small offices rented out to dedicated businesses, or flex meeting rooms for people to take their private zoom calls, these smaller rooms call for different furniture.

Here are some IKEA essentials for private offices:


The MICKE desk is compact yet offers ample storage with its built-in drawers. Its minimalistic design is perfect for smaller offices, ensuring that you have a functional workspace without feeling cramped.

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MARKUS Office Chair

For private offices and meeting spaces, I would choose the MARKUS Office Chair. People will likely be sitting in those for much more extended periods of time without being able to get up, requiring a chair with different qualities than the LANGFJALL essential.

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Good lighting is essential in a small office, and the KNIXHULT table lamp adds a touch of style while providing adequate illumination. Made from natural bamboo, it brings a warm and cozy feel to your workspace.

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Maximizing Small Spaces in Coworking Environments

Chances are that your new coworking space may not have all the space you wish you had. Optimizing space in coworking environments, especially in smaller spaces, requires thoughtful planning. To this end, multifunctional furniture can be helpful. Having a few pieces that serve many purposes can help host events, guest overflows, larger meetings, and anything else that may come your way. Consider some of these multifunctional products:

NORDEN Gateleg Table

This table can seat 4-6 but neatly packs away when not in use. This can be helpful if the coworking space hosts events or needs more seating on a particularly high-traffic day.

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VITTSJO Nesting Tables

This is a great coffee table option for your common areas, as they can be stacked to save space but expanded when multiple members need individual workspaces.

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OLSEROD Side Table

C-shaped tables are a great choice to place next to a sofa, providing a versatile surface that takes up very minimal floorspace. It can be used to hold drinks when having a meeting on a sofa, or laptops for focused work.

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Conclusion: Coworking Furniture at IKEA

As you can see, you can outfit an entire coworking space at IKEA. Creating a coworking space that is both functional and inviting is a rewarding endeavor, and choosing the right furniture plays a significant role in achieving this. IKEA’s range of affordable, stylish, and multifunctional furniture provides practical solutions for any coworking environment, whether you’re designing an open-plan area or furnishing private offices. With a commitment to sustainability and the ability to easily purchase in large quantities, IKEA offers a reliable and efficient way to meet the diverse needs of your members. By selecting thoughtful, ergonomic, and versatile pieces, you can create a coworking space that fosters productivity, collaboration, and comfort, making it a place where people will love to work.

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