Hi, I'm Christie.

I am an advocate of innovators. I leverage management research and knowledge of the latest trends in technology to bring out the best relationship between business, technology and people in organizations.


I'm a catalyst for great ideas. I work with inventors, developers, makers, service professionals and changemakers to maximize impact. I have taken care of tasks such as:


My Work

One thing to know about me: I love to work with people who are deeply passionate about the revolutionary potential of their ideas. As a result, I primarily work with social entrepreneurs. My projects include communications firms, startups, small businesses and non-profit organizations, where my level of involvement ranges from one-time consultant to owner.

Who I Am

I received my B.S. in Economics/Information Technology and my M.B.A. in MIS from Florida State University. I am currently based out of New York City, where I work with various organizations to find synergy among their business processes, technology and people for maximum impact. I am looking for more opportunities to lend my skills in growing organizations, let's talk.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me in the gym, at the dance studio, or spending time with my friends, family, and my cat, Snickers.


Say Hello.

I'm always looking to connect.