Upcoming Lectures

Sometimes I leave my house. Catch me at one of the events below.

3/18/18, 9:00AM: WordCamp Miami 2018, “Advanced Topics In Businessing.”

Past Lectures

12/2/17, 10:35AM: WordCamp United States 2017, “Financial Forecasting for WordPress Businesses.” (click to see video recording) See a review of my talk here.

11/27/17, 9:35AM: Guest lecture at Florida State University for ENT 4934 – Entrepreneurial and Emerging Technologies, “Financial Technology Startups.”

08/15/17, 10:15AM: WordCamp Montreal 2017, “WordPress Business Advice.” (click to see video recording)

07/22/17, 2PM: WordCamp Boston 2017, “The Ultra-Condensed Guide To Selling Anything Online Using WordPress.” (click to see video recording)

09/24/16, 1:15PM: WordCamp Dallas-Fort Worth 2016, “A/B Testing FTW.” (click to see video recording) Also view this Q&A from before the event.