5/100: a dApp Falls On Its Face

Just the other day I messaged my high school best friend, Alyssa, who I mentioned in my first entry about 100 Days of Code. My message was that I felt so guilty that I had done it for about 4 days and then life took over.

Her response was something straight out of my lexicon. She said, “why don’t you just start now?”

She was completely correct. This is the kind of advice that I give other people, that I think is so helpful because it’s simple encouraging them to start, unabashedly. When I got my own words dished at me, it was actually kind of frustrating. This is something my boyfriend (lovingly) tells me all the time – that I don’t realize how I sound. I decided to observe that reaction and keep it in mind in the future for when I think I’m being helpful.

Regardless, Alyssa was completely correct. No matter how many excuses I came up with, half in jest (“the readers of my blog will see the gap,” I said. “Isn’t that the kind of thing that mostly only you care about?” says Alyssa. “No, because correction:” I say. “No one reads my blog.”) The only thing there was left to do was restart. So I did.

I jumped right back into Solidity development. All throughout this work week this week, I’ve been listening to Zac’s WordPress courses in the background. It’s a good way to stay focused. Zac, your voice is so soothing! So going into the other thing I really want made sense.

To my surprise, I actually still mostly remembered everything. The spot where I left off was the beginning of the end of a decentralized application. I watched the preview of the completed project and then replicated the simple smart contract to get it out.

a view of my atom text editor empty, with the terminal window on it showing the beginning of the environment set up

a screenshot of the atom text editor with the finished smart contract, and a terminal window on top that clearly in red shows "compilation failed."

I timed myself for 25 minutes. I told myself that no matter how busy I am, I definitely have 25 minutes to do this. So my timer actually ran out before I got my code to compile. It’s funny, but I was procrastinating on social media the other day and I saw meme about this. Art imitates reality.

Tomorrow, I’ll focus on trying to get it to work. Hopefully, it won’t take me longer than 25 minutes.